Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Rabbit Hole Restaurant Review

As you may have read Monday, this past weekend was my homecoming!  That being said, my friends chose a restaurant none of had been to- The Rabbit Hole in Midtown Global Market in Minneapolis.

  Let me give you a little backstory.

  Saturday afternoon was crazy. My friend and I had nail appointments that ran over, and were supposed to get ready at my friend's house, and of course were running late for that. The majority of the group left my friend's house for picture late too. Pictures then ran over by ten minutes which meant we were ten minutes late for the restaurant. To be very clear- we weren't the annoying group of people that were both running late and didn't call the restaurant to let them know. Our reservation was at 6:30 and we showed up at 6:40. We made sure the restaurant knew we were going to be late and they were fine with that.

  We found the ramp that they validated parking in and ran into the restaurant. We entered, the host greeted us and led us to our table. Typical.

  It was when our waitress arrived that things turned south.

  I knew there was no way this was going to end well when our waitress opened with "Just to let you know, we have another group coming in at 8:30, so you can only be here until 8:15 at the latest, so we're just going to try to get you in and out of here as soon as possible. I'm going to take your food orders first, then come back and take your drink orders, and bring the food out to you as it's ready instead of all at once so it goes faster."

  Online, it appears as if there's maybe three vegetarian options on the menu, but when looking at the menu, it looked like there was only one. My vegetarian friend asked about the seemingly missing dishes, and got the response that the menu on the website was outdated, and maybe there would be one or two dishes that they could make vegetarian, but probably not.

  I did ask if a noodle dish that appeared to be vegetarian could in fact be made vegetarian, however got a rude "no." Instead of eating the single vegetarian dish, we tried ordered appetizers, however got the response that we weren't allowed to do that either. Out of options, my friend and I both reluctantly ordered the single vegetarian dish, titled the "Rabbit Food Bop Bowl."

  The Rabbit Food is exactly what it sounds like- rabbit food. The dish consisted of a large bowl of white rice, strips of carrot and something similar to jicama, bok choy, some sort of pâté, lettuce, poached egg, cubed barely cooked tofu, and barbecue sauce that tasted strongly of sesame. The menu describes the dish as "sauteed vegetables, tofu, pickled vegetables, rice, soft poached egg, and BB sauce." Maybe it has to do with me having negative levels of cooking skills, but of the vegetables I saw, only the bok choy and whatever the pâté was had been cooked or sauteed on some level, everything else seemed fairly raw. The majority of the dish was comprised of some fairly bland vegetables meaning the barbecue sauce overpowered the entire dish and was almost the entire flavor. Of the three people at our table who ordered it, two of us managed to get through almost half the dish and the other one got through maybe a quarter. I promise it wasn't just me.

  Overall, the meat eaters at our table seemed moderately okay with or moderately liked their dish. I don't think anyone was incredibly impressed overall, but it was, at a minimum, at least a half step up from the vegetarians. Other dishes ordered at our table encompassed the diversity in culture of the food at the Rabbit Hole. There was poutine, chicken wings, and sliders, in addition to some more traditional Korean dishes.

  While I may not have been entirely happy with my main dish, the fried cauliflower my friends ordered was actually really good. Think french fries with potatoes being swapped out for cauliflower. They got cold quickly, but were still a surprisingly good side for a Korean restaurant.

Service- 1/5: Our waitress was quite frankly rude and short with us and it was extremely frustrating.
                     Overall, I think we would have been more okay with our food coming at different
                     times if it wasn't such a vast difference between the first and last dishes. My friend got
                     stuck waiting for easily 10 minutes to get his dish after everyone else had gotten theirs.

Food- 2/5: Probably would've given it a 1/5, but the fried cauliflower was the saving grace here.
                  Cutting some of the vegetarian options from the old menu and only leaving one titled
                 "Rabbit Food" {which, as a vegetarian whose friends actually believe I only eat rabbit food
                  was kind of a slap in the face} was disheartening. The other items on the menu looked
                  adventurous and different and it would have been cool to be able to eat something a little
                  more unique and flavorful than a large bowl of rice and some bland vegetables all covered
                  in barbecue sauce.

Atmosphere- 4/5: The restaurant has definitely got that cool Asian-fusion vibe down. The restaurant
                             had was dimly lit, but it fit the decorations and style of the restaurant, so it worked
                             in its favor. My only drawback to this score is that the high-top stools they seemed
                             to love look exactly like the stools from a lab science class. Not kidding. The same.

Location- 3/5: I don't love that this restaurant isn't in one of the more central eating/nightlife areas of
                       Minneapolis and instead opted for Midtown Global Market, but the restaurant has a
                       ramp easy to access and validates parking, which is valuable when it's located in a city.

OVERALL: 2.5/5: The restaurant managed to save at least part of it's score with the fried cauliflower
                               and atmosphere, but overall I can't say that I recommend this restaurant to anyone
                               who is vegetarian. I think at least the food would have been better had I been an
                               omnivore, but since I'm not and can't speak to this, the food score remains
                                relatively low.

Anyone have any favorite places to eat or places you've been wanting to try in Minnesota? Leave them below and maybe I'll review them next!  ;)

Love and Stay Preppy,

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Monday, October 10, 2016

Homecoming 2016- Senior Year!!

One month into school and I've already reached a second milestone of senior year besides my last first day of school--my last homecoming!  To be completely honest, I didn't know I was even going until three days before the dance, but somehow managed to whip up my dress a few nights before!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

September 2016 Fast Five Favorites

I have no idea what happened to September, but somehow the bridge month between summer and fall escaped me, and I'm now forced to admit that it is in fact fall, and that it is in fact getting cold, and that I might not be able to wear my Lilly shorts again until May.

With the colder month brings a new round of favorites, so here's what I've been watching, eating, and using the most!

1. DRINK: Caribou/Starbucks Chai Tea Latte with Soy
      Somehow Caribou managed to beat out my usual favorite, Starbucks, on this warm cinnamon-y drink, but that's not to say that both aren't good!  I was sick for over a week in September, constantly losing my voice, so I definitely drank quite a few of these in semi-successful attempts to get it back.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

E Spotted in New York... Again

After spending five weeks in Boston, I couldn't resist a quick trip up to New York. After all, Boston and New York are much closer than New York and Minneapolis. While this trip was slightly longer than the last, at two and a half days instead of 24 hours, I still feel like I'd need at least a full two weeks to begin to take in the city!  While I sadly didn't have enough time to head over to some of my favorites from last time, I had such a good time discovering new areas! From staying right in the center of the Chelsea Flower Market, to wandering around Soho, to being completely in awe of the World Trade Center and the New York City Hall, it was a good trip. I didn't do a ton of shopping, but I did pick up a few things!  I already did a quick mini haul on my Instagram story (@Eva_Phan) and on Snapchat (PreppyBallerina) but I *may* do an extended try on version on here or maybe in a video.  We'll see.  For now, here's my highlights from my second New York trip!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Currently on Repeat- Week of September 21st

It's been almost a complete month since I've updated you guys on what I'm currently scream singing when I'm alone, so I figured it was about time for an update.

On the subject of updates, in case you didn't notice, is now!  I'm pretty excited to finally get rid of that .blogspot 3 1/2 years after this blog started.

1. Burn Wild (Young Bombs Remix)- ROZES
    "Don't want to say goodbye | because I don't think that I | Have it in my soul | to keep letting go"

2. Weekend (SNBRN Remix)- Louis the Child
    "Got work to do tomorrow I'm not sleeping | We've been treating weekdays like the weekend, treating weekdays like the weekend" {basically my life motto, let's be real}