November 17, 2017

Easy Gift Ideas for Your Sister

Of all the people to shop for, sisters can be the most fun...or the most stressful.

On one hand, sisters know each other best, making it easy to know their sense of style and what they like. On the other hand, sisters can also be one of the gifts on your list that you really don't want to mess up because you know them so well.

Regardless, I've compiled a list of five things that would make wonderful gifts for a sister as they're all gifts that are easy to tailor to their style. Take the idea of the gift, and go out to find something that really looks like them!

1. Wallet // 2. Cardigan // 3. Handbag // 4. Jewelry Tray // 5. Necklace
{left to right from top to bottom}
      As you might already know from my Kate Spade Stacy wallet review, I LOVE this wallet. It's the perfect size and so helpful when it come's to grabbing something and throwing it in your bag. I waited way too long to get a nice, useful wallet, and since I didn't want my sister to make the same mistake I did, I took the liberty of getting one for her as a birthday gift last year in one of her favorite colors, which she uses almost every day to this date!

November 15, 2017

Murad Skincare Review - Clarifying Cleanser, Oil-Control Mattifier, and Rapid Relief Acne Spot Treatment

  It seems as if whenever anyone's referencing the "skincare greats," Murad's name is nearly always on that list. While I've always been horrible about following skincare routines {my entire skin care routine consists of this face wash once a day, maybe this moisturizer once or twice a month if I'm feeling it, and a couple drops of this serum every three to four months if I'm feeling like my skin really needs help}, I decided to give Murad a try, and this is how I felt:


  Allow me to preface this by saying that this cleanser is designed to help people with acne, and I've never once suffered from maybe more than two pimples on my face at one given time in my entire life. This may be why this cleanser realllyyyy didn't work for me. As a matter of fact, I think it gave me more breakouts than I would've ever had before using it. It also tried out my face a ton to the point that between this cleanser and the Rapid Relief treatment, my skin was peeling a little, which I've never ever had a problem with previously, and which since I stopped using this cleanser has stopped. From other reviews, it seems to work really well for people with acne and oily skin, which is exactly why I have three theories as to why things went so horribly wrong for me:

November 13, 2017

Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas You Can Wear All Winter Long

 Of all the holidays, Thanksgiving seems to be the one that I used to struggle with dressing for the most. How casual is too casual and how dressy is too dressy? Unlike the 4th of July's casual sundresses or Christmas' luxe velvet, Thanks
giving seems to be something of a happy medium for most people, like a formal casual.

  Now that I've finally figured out the balance of the holiday that officially kicks off the holiday season, I've gathered together pieces that are perfect for Thanksgiving, easy to dress up and down, and that can be paired with other pieces well after the holiday's over {because a neutral-toned sweater with the prettiest details shouldn't be limited to wearing one day a year}!

Think rich tones and classic styles with trendy elements such as flowing bell sleeves. Dress them up with a statement necklace and heels or down with booties and a cardigan.

November 11, 2017

Weekend Sale Roundup: Cold Weather Layers You Won't Want to Miss

    Sure, it's easy to say to throw on a coat in the winter months, but what about inside the office? At school? At dressier functions? The perpetual downfall of dresses and skirts is that try as they might, they're not always best suited for weather under 50 degrees fahrenheit. That being said, the right cardigan can make it simple to stay warm and look classy and cute at the same time, which is why I've rounded up a plethora of inexpensive options here!

-This is my all time favorite cardigan, and it always gets made in tons of different bright colors that rotate year round! It’s also a fantastic weight for the colder or warmer states and it comes in xxx-small to xx-large, and the original version, wool, and cashmere are all on sale!

November 8, 2017

Traveling NYC: Uber vs. Lyft vs. Juno vs. Uber -- What's the Difference and Which is Best?

  From the moment I stepped into my first Uber in NYC, I was confused. My Uber driver immediately began rambling off different rideshare services that I had never heard of before. Sure, I knew Uber and Lyft, but Juno? Via? I think not.

  After living here for a few months, I've managed to completely grasp the confusing methods of getting around NYC, and I'm hear to clarify all of that for you!

  Arguably the most popular of all these services, Uber is reliable, and quick {you'll likely never have to wait more than maybe five minutes tops for a car if you're in Manhattan}. The greatest downside to Uber in the city is that it's the most expensive of all the rideshare services, and unlike in the suburb of Minneapolis where I grew up, drivers are quick to give you a low rating for the smallest things, including not tipping or making them wait more than 10 seconds for you when they're the one that parked a block away from your pickup point. Uber in NYC does offer UberPool though, which allows you to bring the cost down of your normal Uber ride by riding with a few other people. If you're not already signed up for Uber, do so here to get a discount off of your first ride, or use the code "evap1241ue"