January 30, 2013

Preppily Inspired

"When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are.  Anything your heart desires will come to you"  -Pinochio

Wednesday post!  New haul coming up!

Love and Stay Preppy,

January 23, 2013

Third Preppy Haul -Preppy Goes J. Crew!

Hi Everyone!  This will be kind of a collective haul as it was over 2 days 2 stores and the websites.  Believe it or not they're all J. Crew!  I visited 2 J. Crew stores and  www.jcrew.com!  I got a bunch of stuff!  I'm going to stop rambling and start the haul now...

The first two items I got are headbands!  I got this black velvet bow one...

Was $22.50
Sale $4.99

And also this red glitter one!  Unfortunately I don't think this is available anymore.

Sale $4.99

  I also got a pair of tights!  They're like these but mine are gray and white.
Sale $8.99
 Girls' shimmer bow tights 

I got this really cute bow sweater!

Was $88
Sale $59.99
 Girls' sequin bows cardigan
I got this top however mine is green and blue.

Was $42.50
Sale $19.99

I got two skirts!

 The first one is a green and black metallic brocade.  Here's the second one.
Was $32.50
Sale $14.99

Girls' tulle skirt

 I got this striped dress!  Unfortunately is is not available anymore!
Was $45
Sale $9.99

That's it for now.  I may have some stuff coming in the mail so I'll post that stuff when it comes!  Please note all of these prices were taken off the J.  Crew website so only some are accurate to what was paid.  Get 40% off sale with code GET40.

Love and Stay Preppy,


Second Preppy Haul -Preppy Goes Online!

  Hey! So I know I haven't posted in a while but I was waiting for some things to come and then when they came I forgot so I'm just going to do this now.  Better late than never!  This is kind of a mini haul - only two items!  Anyways I think I'm rambling again so I'm just going to start.

The first item I got was from Lilly Pulitzer and it was the Small Agenda in Azalea Pink May Flower.  Lilly Pulitzer was having a sale and I was so excited!  Unfortunately most of their clothes weren't available in my size.  :(

Was $16
On Sale For $9

  In addition to the really cute agenda, I ordered this skirt from Ivivva.  It's in the color Enlace BlackSwan/Black Swan.  Unfortunately I don't think this is available on their US/International website however it may be available on the Canadian website or in a Ivivva Store!  Last I knew this skirt was $19...

Was $52
Sale $19

That's it!  I know it wasn't much but I'll have more next time.  I know I'm doing a lot of hauls so sorry!

Love and Stay Preppy,

Preppily Inspired

  "Glamour is an attitude—it’s the expression of a certain kind of confidence. A glamorous woman is always elegant, but she also possesses an air of mystery and excitement. She’s dramatic—almost untouchable."  -Ralph Lauren

Love and Stay Preppy,

January 5, 2013

First Preppy Haul!!!

  This is my first haul!  The title will say Preppy Haul but it may or may not be preppy.  I went shopping today at this really cool mall called Southdale!  Believe it or not, Southdale was the first fully enclosed shopping mall!  Let's jump in with what I bought.  All of these photos will be stock pictures or Google pictures because I literally JUST got back from Southdale and haven't quite had time to take pictures but I am super excited about this blog and really just wanted to post it.  So now let's ACTUALLY jump in.

  The first thing I got was this really cute mini Benefit Kit from Sephora for FREE because it's my birthday!  It's called Real Birthday TURN-ONS!  I haven't gotten a chance to try it out yet but includes minis of both their They're Real!  Mascara and Watts UP!  Glow Stick.

        The next items I bought were from Bath and Body Works!  As many of you may know they are currently in their Semi Annual Sale which runs through January 13th.  The first item I got there was this Pink Sugarplum Triple Moisture Body Cream which smells heavenly and feels so good!

Originally $12.50
Got on sale for $3.12

I also got this hand sanitizer in California Poppy!

Originally $1.50
Got on sale for $0.37


The last and final item I got was from Madewell which is not exactly my style but they have some extremely cute accessories in that store!  The picture shows the ring in blue however I got it in a clear version.

This was originally $10
Got on sale for $2.79

Cara Accessories™ Rhinestone Stretch Ring 

NONE of these items are not available online anymore.  :(  You'll have to go to the store if you want them!  :)

Love and Stay Preppy,

New Blog

I've decided to try out blogging and am really excited to announce this blog Preppy Ballerina!