April 24, 2013

Inspirena -Ballerina Inspired

  Hi Prepperinas!  I found more lovely ballet pictures and quotes again that I wanted to share with you!  You can find these pictures on the Kirov Academy of Ballet Pinterest, and my Pinterest!

  "No one can arrive from being talented alone,  work transforms talent into genius."~Anna Pavlova. Photo by Paolo Galli #dance #inspiration #quote 

  "If you think you can do better, then do better. Don't compete with anyone, just yourself." ~ Bob Fosse. Photo by Paolo Galli #dance #ballet #inspiration 

  I hope this inspired you to be a better dancer!

Love and Stay Preppy,

April 12, 2013

Fifth Preppy Haul -Preppy Loves Ivivva!

  Hi Prepperinas!  I realized I hadn't done a haul in a while!  I got a couple new things from Ivivva and am excited to show you!  If you don't already know I'm pretty obsessed with Ivivva!  Here it is!

1.  All About The 'Tude Wrap

  I got this wrap in mint!  It's absolutely beautiful and I love the thumbholes!  It actually alternates from Metallic Stripes to Plain Stripes!

Price:  $58

2.  Turn It Up Tank

  I actually LOVE this tank!  I got it in green as pictured and it is lovely!  It has 2 different fabrics, Luon and Mesh.  It also has an elastic band in the bottom to help it stay in place but I found it much too wide.  It is a beautiful top though!

Price:  $42

  So that was it!  Short and sweet!  Ivivva has two different websites so if you're not from Canada make sure to switch it to US/Int'l at the upper right corner!  They have two different warehouses meaning that their stock for each website is different so it is very important to make sure you have the right country!

Love and Stay Preppy,

Ballerina Brands

  Hi Prepperinas!  I did a post on Preppy Brands so I figured I'd do one one on Ballet Brands too!  This is just for leotards.  Like the other post I'm only including brands that I know things about.  Unlike the other post I'm also including a little description about who it fits best.  This way you can try on leotards right for you!  I don't have notes for all of them but I will include them for some.  Let's start!

Ballet Brands

  • Degas Leotards -Better for short torso, long legs perfect ballet body however some the sizing varies and work better for longer torso if you're unsure call Customer Service!  The Degas fabric is so soft, it is absolutely amazing!
  • Yumiko Leotards -Sizing varies.  The Charlotte for sure is longer and the Denise is shorter.  I know from experience.  Good quality but I have seen some leotards that the trim starts to separate from the rest of the leotard.  It's never happened to me though so it might just be lack of proper care.  Definitely my favorite leotard brand!  The people who work at the stores are really nice, helpful, and friendly, even over the phone!  Definitely worth the money.
  • Wear Moi -Some run a little wide.  Do not stretch much side to side.  Not always good for long torso girls.  Run a little small.
  • Bloch -Good for all.
  • Mirella -Better long torso.  Not as flattering and sometimes uncomfortable on shorter torso girls.
  • Motionwear -Basic can be worn by anybody.  Run a little wide.  Cotton sometimes uncomfortable or hard.  Motionwear is made in the USA but lacks quality control.  My friends and I have gotten leotards from them that already had a holes and I have gotten a leotard that was supposed to be symmetrical but came slightly asymmetrical.
  • Capezio -Basic sometimes cheap quality.  Worn by all.
  • Sansha  -Basic not always great quality.  Fit not great for short torso girls.

  So that concludes my list!  I know there are many more I just simply don't know enough about them.  Hope this helped!

Love and Stay Preppy,

April 10, 2013

Spring Prep

Hi Prepperinas!  Obviously it's starting to get into Spring!  Some places I know are still getting snow so I figured I'd share this with you to cheer you up!

As usual I also posted this onto my Pinterest!

Love and Stay Preppy,

Preppy Brands

  Hi Prepperinas! A question I see people asking a lot is "What are some good preppy brands?" while I can't list all of them, I can try to help!

Preppy Brands

  So that was my list!  There are a lot more but these are kind of my most visited.  Check out high end department stores also such as Neiman's, Saks, Nordstrom, and Bloomingdales!

Love and Stay Preppy,

April 3, 2013

Craft Preppy -A Preppy DIY

  Hi Prepperinas!  I found a super cute DIY on Pinterest that I HAVE tried out and am super excited to show you!  I will be showing the picture of the DIY as well as link to get to it.  For more cute craft ideas and ballerina related items as well as many of the pictures I post on here, check out my Pinterest!  Without further ado, here's today's DIY!

Here's the link to the website that has the full instructions on how to make these!

I also found a video!

I actually made these then attached hair clips to the back and pearls to the center using Tacky Glue!  Mine turned out gorgeous and they look great behind a ballet bun.  I made them to match my wrap skirts!

Love and Stay Preppy,