March 26, 2014

Preppy Loves Vineyard Vines! My Spring 2014 Vineyard Vines Favorites!

Hi Prepperinas!  I don't know about all of you, but I LOVE Vineyard Vines!  Here are my favorites for Spring 2014!

1.  The Painted Stripe Strapless Dress

       This dress is absolutely adorable and the bright colors are perfect for Spring!

     Price:  $178

Painted Stripe Strapless Dress

2.  Vineyard Whale Baseball Cap

       Normally I don't like baseball caps that much, but this one it too cute to resist!

     Price:  $28

Vineyard Whale Baseball Cap

3.   Shell Tile Strapless Dress

        This dress is fabulous and the bow is a brilliant finishing touch!

      Price:  $178

Shell Tile Strapless Dress

4.  Girls Whale Embroidered Boulevard Shorts

       I love the whales on these shorts and the bright pink color of them!

     Price:  $49.50

Girls Whale Embroidered Boulevard Shorts

5.  Girls Gingham Peplum Top

       This top is absolutely darling and the light pink with the mint gingham is a sweet touch!

     Price:  $62
     Sale:  $49.99

Girls Gingham Peplum Top

  Get 30% of Sale at Vineyard Vines with the code SPRINGISHERE!

Love and Stay Preppy,

Yumiko Leotard Review!

Hi Prepperinas!  My Denise Yumiko finally came and I was so excited to finally get it!  That being said, I have decided to do a review on them.

  I have two Yumiko leotards, The Charlotte with the body in Black Techni and the trim in Nylon Rose.  I also got as mentioned before, the Denise in Nylon Black as the body, Velvet Black as the top, and Techni Candy as the trim.  Both of these leotards were purchased with full lining and in size XS.  I think that the Techni fabric is a little bit heavier and thicker than the Nylon, but that's just my personal opinion.

   The Charlotte

  Let's start with what I wasn't totally thrilled about, don't worry, this list is short.  I have what most people would consider a short torso, and although I normally wear an XS in leotards, I would have to say that I felt as if the Charlotte was a tad long. When I pull up the legs there is sometimes gaps created because of the extra fabric.  It might have helped if I got High Cut Legs.  Also, the Nylon Rose fabric does fade a little.  This leotard would probably look fabulous on someone with a longer torso!  The Denise fits perfectly, however be warned, this is a very low cut leotard.  It isn't as easy to tell how low the leotard actually is on the model.  If you have a medium or long torso this probably isn't the leotard for you.

  Now onto what I like about the leotards!  This list is a lot longer.  First off is the fabric.  The fabric used to make these leotards are all very good quality and seem to be holding up well after multiple washings.  This is major for leotards because there are some brands where after the first few washings threads start coming out, or you can't wear the leotard to an audition because there will be visible holes where the pins where or the pins rip the fabric.  The next thing I like about them is the variety of colors and fabrics Yumiko offers!  The amount of colors Yumiko offers makes it difficult to match someone else's leotard.

  The fabrics of Yumikos are definitely very good quality.  That being said, I wouldn't order a White leotard without lining thinking it won't be see through, but then again, I wouldn't buy any White leotard that wasn't lined.  Out of all the fabrics I think that the Nylon is the most lightweight and comfortable.  To me, the Techni is a little thick and heavy, but I know some people who love Techni!  The Microfiber, however, is definitely the thickest, apart from Velvet.  The Microfiber leans a little more to the Cotton side than to the Nylon side of the color spectrum.  I'm not the biggest fan of it, but I've only felt it I've never tried it on.  Again, I know someone who likes the Microfiber best!  The Velvet is very pretty and very soft!

  These leotards do a very good job of looking good on everybody.  I have seen the same style on multiple girls and look fabulous on all!  I think that out of all the Yumiko styles the Wendy is best at this, which is the one I'm ordering next!  These leotards are definitely very comfortable and I love dancing in them!  I hope to buy many more!

  Here is a link to Yumiko's website.  They also carry active wear such as yoga pants or yoga leggings, and skirts!  The Yumiko Boutique in NYC also has a collection of Ready-To-Wear, and their shipping is a lot cheaper!

  The Bottom Line: Yumiko has good quality leotards that are definitely worth a try!  I would give these 5/5 Stars!

Love and Stay Preppy,