June 30, 2014

Eleventh Preppy Haul- Preppy Adores the Vera Bradley Online Outlet and Summer Sale!

  Hi Prepperinas!  If you couldn't alrealdy tell, I love Vera Bradley!  They recently had an Online Outlet for a day, and the Summer Sale!  For the Summer Sale this year, they put Bittersweet, Citron, Julep Tulip, Olivia Pink, Tutti Frutti, and Venetian Paisley on sale for 40%, then 50% off.  They also had a variety of other styles on sale in other colors.  I only bought 2 items this time, but it was hard to restrain myself from buying more!
1.  Pattern Play Tote in Clementine

     Price: $88
     Sale: $39


       My more exciting item out of the 2 I purchased is the Pattern Play Tote in Clementine!  I plan on bringing this bag with me as my dance bag when I go away for my Summer intensive!  I think it's so cute how they combined both the main Clementine pattern and the coordinating pattern to make 1 really cool bag!  I also plan on buying the Pattern Play Wallet in Clementine but it was sold out at the time I purchases the tote bag.

2.  Mirror Cosmetic in Lilli Bell

     Price: $28
     Sale: $10.40


       For those of you who may not know, Lilli Bell is my obsession print.  I own so much stuff in it it's crazy!  This cosmetic bag is so cute and it will match both my dance bag and my backpack!

  I would definitely recommend going to a Vera Bradley store or their website and checking out their sale!  It has some really good deals on very cute bags!

Love and Stay Preppy,

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