August 10, 2015

Preppy Goes Back to School with Lilly, for the Third Time! Lilly Pulitzer Binder Covers 2015

  Yup, it's that time of year again!  The beginning of August when everyone starts thinking about school again, unfortunately.  I, on the other hand, refuse to think about school again until the morning of the first day.  ;)

  If you want to learn how to monogram your binder covers, click here!

  For the cover my binder this year, I'm using Island Cocktail, which coincidentally, is also my home screen background right now!

For French, I'm doing Watch Out.

  I'm using Lulu for Chemistry for the sole reason that there's an animal in it and the print is an "explosion" of color, because what's a Chemistry class without a good explosion.  ;)

  AP English has She's a Fox!

  I'm using Shell we Dance for Honors Pre-Calc!  This print is so much fun, it definitely has that 60's throwback feel that a lot of the earlier Lilly prints had!

  I actually did two binder covers for AP Stats.  I did Escapades in the Everglades for one, a print I didn't know existed until recently; and Jellies be Jammin'.  I think I'm going with Jellies be Jammin'.  :)

  Finally, for APUSH, I'm doing X Marks the Spot!  I thought the maps were appropriate for a history class.  :) The print is actually rotated for this cover, I couldn't find a version of the print big enough to do the cover vertically, so it had to be rotated.

  I might have a few more up my sleeve to be released in a few weeks, but we'll see!  If you have any questions, leave them in the comments!  I try respond to everyone!  :)

Love and Stay Preppy,

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  1. What font was used for the French binder? And where can I download it?

    1. Hi Betty!
      I used Antrokas for all of the binder covers here with the exception of the monogrammed one! It is available for download here! -->

  2. What font was used for the French binder? And where can I download it?


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