December 5, 2015

The Holiday Gift Guide Series: For the Traveler

Yes, it's that time of year again, aka my favorite time of year again, aka the most wonderful time of the year.  That's right, the holiday season!  I thoroughly refuse to break tradition and start buying Christmas gifts and singing carols and yes, even refuse to buy Starbucks' holiday drinks before Thanksgiving, but now that Thanksgiving has passed, I am in full on Christmas cheer mode!  So here I am presenting to you the first part of my holiday gift guide series, a collection of gifts hand-curated by yours truly for all your favorite travelers!

{Clockwise from top left}

Jet Set Candy Luggage Tag Charms {Available in 928 Sterling Silver or 14k Gold Vermeil}
  Raise your hand if you think this is one of the cutest charm ideas you've seen yet!  I am in absolute love with these charms.  It's the perfect item for anyone who has recently come back from a trip, or to start a collection for each place traveled to!

Mark and Graham Seersucker Monogrammed Jewelry Roll {Available in Red or Navy}
  Jewelry rolls are the perfect item for keeping necklaces and bracelets from getting into a giant knot when packing!  I know I've had this happen to me way too many times and my jewelry roll when in Miami this summer was absolutely essential for keeping my jewelry organized and tangle-free!  Mark and Graham offers their jewelry rolls in a variety of colors and fabrics, not just seersucker, so you're bound to find one to match the person on your gift list!

Alex and Ani "Places We Love" Bangles {Available in Rafaelian Gold or Silver}
  If you follow me on Instagram {@Eva_Phan}, you know how obsessed I am with my first Alex and Ani bangle, the Monopoly Dog bangle!  Start or continue your friend's Alex and Ani stack with these adorable destination bangles {shown here in Miami}.  Like the Jet Set Candy Luggage Tag Charms, these make the perfect item to collect for each trip taken!

Evelyn Henson Map Prints
  Evelyn Henson's Map Print collection is the perfect memento to represent a favorite city!  Evelyn's curated some of the most prominent locations in tons of different cities around the U.S. and the world, so it's fairly likely that you'll find a print for the person on your list!

Macaron Case Earbuds
  I love flying.  Looking out the window to the clouds and the cities down below could be one of my favorite things in the world.  That being said, some flights, and especially road trips, are long long long and require a little entertainment.  These pastel earbuds come in a macaron case that is not only adorable, but helps prevent the earbud cord from getting tangled with other cords and items in a carry on!

Vera Bradley Luggage Tag {Available in in-season Vera Bradley patterns}
 Want to know how to help a friend spot their luggage from across the baggage claim?  Gift them a bright luggage tag, of course!  The Vera Bradley luggage tags {shown here in Marrakesh}, are some of the brightest around and a fun addition to any plain luggage!

Kate Spade Cedar Street Passport Holder {Available in other colors and patterns}
  Passports.  Those things you need to you know, enter and exit a country.  Now I've never been outside of the country, but I would imagine that it would be just a little bit easier to dig a passport out of a bag if it was in a cute passport holder!  The Kate Spade Cedar Street Passport Holder not only holds a passport, but other travel essentials such as credit cards and cash, an absolute must for any frequent international traveler!

  Want a to know the next part of the TPB holiday gift guide series?  {Hint: People hate applying to these.}

Love and Stay Preppy,

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