December 11, 2015

The Holiday Gift Guide Series- For the College Girl

  Yup, that's right, I'm back with the next part of the Preppy Ballerina Holiday Gift Guides! {View part 1 here!} For those of you who got the hint from the last part of the gift guides {People hate applying to these}, this guide is for all your favorite college girls because yes, people hate applying to college.

{Clockwise from top left}

1. Fleece Lined Leggings {Shown in Black Heather}
    Now if I'm being upfront with all of you, I am a firm believer that leggings should never be worn as pants unless you're exercising, but after trying a pair of fleece lined leggings, I've decided that these are the exception to the rule. Warm, cozy, and perfect for walking across campus or studying at the library, these leggings are the perfect gift to help your favorite college girl stay warm in the winter!

2. Florabunda and Things are Totally Gonna Work Out Notebook Set
    Whether these notebooks are used for taking notes in class, jotting down a reminder, or just for daily motivation, there's no arguing that they're absolutely adorable! Notebooks make the perfect gift for not only college students, but anybody!

3. iSkelterProducts Kennedy Beauty Station
    If you don't want one of these for yourself now, you will once I'm done telling you about it! The iSkelterProducts Kennedy Beauty Station helps to keep any desk or makeup table organized with plenty of room for brushes, compacts, palettes, and any other makeup you can think of. Not to mention the beauty station also has a built in display dock for your tablet and phone. The nice this about iSkelterProducts is that they make a lot of beauty stations similar to this in other sizes, so if you wanted to buy one a little bigger or smaller it's definitely possible! This beauty station is the perfect way to watch Netflix, ask Siri a question, and do your makeup all at the same time!

4. Kate Spade Cold Hands Warm Heart Thermal Mug
    Speaking from experience, thermal mugs are the only way to go when trying to bring a warm beverage to class, and this Kate Spade one has the cutest message!  Kate Spade offers this mug in other patterns without quotes on it as well, so you're sure to find one your college student will like!

5. Kate Spade Dot Your i's and Cross Your t's Pencil Pouch
    Give your favorite college girl a penmanship reminder with this adorable Kate Spade pencil pouch!  This pencil pouch is stiffer than pencil pouches found at Target or office supply stores, and way less likely to fall apart as quickly! Inside, it comes with two pencils, a pencil sharpener, an eraser, and a ruler. It also comes in other cute patterns!

6. Vera Bradley Throw Blanket {Shown in Alpine Floral}
    This blanket is not only adorable, but so so soft! I have this blanket in Lilli Bell, and I can't even explain how tempted I am to buy another! The blanket is a Twin/Twin XL blanket, making it perfect for college dorm rooms!

Be on the lookout for the next part of the holiday gift guides coming soon! {Hint: "You're my TRUEEEEE friend."}

Love and Stay Preppy,

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