December 31, 2016

Wrapping up 2016- Favorite Blog Posts + 2016 Highlights!

  It's the final edge of 2016 before we jump into 2017, and all I can say is THANK GOODNESS. 2016 needs to END. IT'S GOT TO GO.

  Despite my evident hatred of the mess that was 2016, I did have quite a few blog posts that I absolutely adored, and while my stat lines tell me and you probably know which ones you liked best, I thought I'd take a moment to look back on the ones that were my favorites.

*Guys I got super nostalgic while looking through my old posts to gather my favorites and I definitely wasn't expecting that. Crazy to see what's happened in just a year.

8. "Awe, Your Really Gonna Love This Post...- How to Correct Your Online Grammar Mistakes and
      Stop Trying to Give me an Anxiety Attack"
    While this may not have been one of my most successful posts page view wise this year, I loveddd writing this post.  As someone who makes it a point to always always be {relatively} grammatically

December 30, 2016

A Quiet Moment in Georgetown

  Every time I go into Georgetown I remember why I love it so much. It's just so quaint. Definitely one of those cute little areas in town that remind you of some cute little throwback. That being said, M Street gets so busy during the day and between the traffic and the people and the narrow sidewalks, it doesn't really lend itself to taking great outfit photos. When we somehow found ourselves in this quiet little back alley, it seemed like kind of a hidden gem.

Skirt: Charlotte Russe {shop similar}

December 29, 2016

A Pop of Green at the National Archives

  Hello lovelies!  I'm coming to you all from Washington D.C. {can I get a round of applause for better photo backgrounds?}. After spending a day lounging around being lazy with family, we finally ventured out to the National Mall. The steps of the National Archive isn't quite the steps of the Met, but it still made for a pretty good photo op. Scroll through this post for the complete details of this OOTD!

Cardigan: J.Crew | Dress: J.Crew

December 14, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide 2016: 15 Mugs for Easy Gifting

  I'm back again with more gift-giving advice, and today we're focusing on mugs. Why, you ask? Mugs are a sneaky gift that makes it easy to put together cute gift baskets or groups to give to friends and family member!  Think about it:

  Mug + cozy socks + gourmet popcorn + movie {if you're gifting during the holidays, I recommend "The Holiday," such a cute film!} = the perfect gift for your friend or sister and also has all the supplies for her to have a cozy night in, or a fun girl's night!

  Mug + hot chocolate mix {or coffee or tea} + chocolate {or peppermint barks or candy canes} = cute and easy gift for really anyone on your list, or makes the perfect secret santa gift!

December 5, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide 2016: For Every Girl on Your List

  Yes, it really is that time of year again, and yes, I'm back to help you through all your gift-giving stress!  Apart from the overall holiday spirit, snow, and lights everywhere, my absolute favorite part of the holiday season is figuring out what to get everyone!

  While I'm someone who tends to put a lot of individual thought into everyone's gifts, sometimes there are a few friends or relatives that leave you absolutely lost when it comes to gifts. That's where this guide comes in!  All of these gifts are tried, tested, and true- meaning that myself or my lovely group of friends have given or received these gifts multiple times to positive response!  Still not convinced? I've included the "why" as to how these gifts made this guide next to the item link.  :)

October 13, 2016

The Rabbit Hole Restaurant Review

As you may have read Monday, this past weekend was my homecoming!  That being said, my friends chose a restaurant none of had been to- The Rabbit Hole in Midtown Global Market in Minneapolis.

  Let me give you a little backstory.

  Saturday afternoon was crazy. My friend and I had nail appointments that ran over, and were supposed to get ready at my friend's house, and of course were running late for that. The majority of the group left my friend's house for picture late too. Pictures then ran over by ten minutes which meant we were ten minutes late for the restaurant. To be very clear- we weren't the annoying group of

October 10, 2016

Homecoming 2016- Senior Year!!

One month into school and I've already reached a second milestone of senior year besides my last first day of school--my last homecoming!  To be completely honest, I didn't know I was even going until three days before the dance, but somehow managed to whip up my dress a few nights before!

All of our photos were taken at Union Depot in St. Paul.

October 5, 2016

September 2016 Fast Five Favorites

I have no idea what happened to September, but somehow the bridge month between summer and fall escaped me, and I'm now forced to admit that it is in fact fall, and that it is in fact getting cold, and that I might not be able to wear my Lilly shorts again until May.

With the colder month brings a new round of favorites, so here's what I've been watching, eating, and using the most!

1. DRINK: Caribou/Starbucks Chai Tea Latte with Soy
      Somehow Caribou managed to beat out my usual favorite, Starbucks, on this warm cinnamon-y drink, but that's not to say that both aren't good!  I was sick for over a week in September, constantly losing my voice, so I definitely drank quite a few of these in semi-successful attempts to get it back.

September 28, 2016

E Spotted in New York... Again

After spending five weeks in Boston, I couldn't resist a quick trip up to New York. After all, Boston and New York are much closer than New York and Minneapolis. While this trip was slightly longer than the last, at two and a half days instead of 24 hours, I still feel like I'd need at least a full two weeks to begin to take in the city!  While I sadly didn't have enough time to head over to some of my favorites from last time, I had such a good time discovering new areas! From staying right in the center of the Chelsea Flower Market, to wandering around Soho, to being completely in awe of the World Trade Center and the New York City Hall, it was a good trip. I didn't do a ton of shopping, but I did pick up a few things!  I already did a quick mini haul on my Instagram story {@Eva_Phan} and on Snapchat (PreppyBallerina) but I *may* do an extended try on version on here or maybe in a video.  We'll see.  For now, here's my highlights from my second New York trip!

September 21, 2016

Currently on Repeat- Week of September 21st

It's been almost a complete month since I've updated you guys on what I'm currently scream singing when I'm alone, so I figured it was about time for an update.

On the subject of updates, in case you didn't notice, is now!  I'm pretty excited to finally get rid of that .blogspot 3 1/2 years after this blog started.

1. Burn Wild (Young Bombs Remix)- ROZES
    "Don't want to say goodbye | because I don't think that I | Have it in my soul | to keep letting go"

September 14, 2016

Navy and Rhinestones OOTD + GIVEAWAY

  Navy and rhinestones have to be two of my favorite things, but even I will admit that this outfit takes the sparkle to the next level.

  With temperatures in the Cities sitting around 50 degrees, sweaters have become a must {not that I'd like to admit it}.

September 12, 2016

Refusing Fall in Vineyard Vines

The transition periods between summer and fall and fall and winter have to be my least favorite times of the year. Okay those, and winter to spring. Don't get me wrong, I love the smell of cinnamon and being able to wear my pink Hunters and cozy infinity scarves as much as the next person, but transitioning from the land of shorts and sunshine to jeans and jackets is enough to make me want to cry {Yup, I get it, I'm dramatic}.

So here's to one last day of the endless summer.

I saw this Vineyard Vines dress in the store and instantly fell in love with it. It's classic, and so so versatile.

DRESS: Vineyard Vines Cotton Linen Stripe Dress

September 9, 2016

August 2016 Fast Five Favorites

If there's anything I'm guilty of, it's finding something that becomes my one and only favorite and not just buying one, but several of it. From body scrub to fitted striped tees, here's what I've been using on repeat this month.

1. The Body Shop Satsuma Body Polish
      Confession: I've been using this exfoliating scrub with the addicting smell of clementines so much over the past few months, that after initially buying a travel sized tube, I've gone through that and three full sized tubes as well. *Sigh* I guess the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem, right?

2. Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream
      I've never been a foundation person, but after stumbling upon this BB Cream at a discount in a TJ Maxx, I'm a believer.  Smooth and lightweight, you won't even realize there's anything on your face with this BB Cream.

September 7, 2016

Having a 70's Flashback Moment + GIVEAWAY!

   I once again had the opportunity to work the very talented Mo Ashley Photos! Stick through the end of the post for the chance to win a senior photo session or blogger photo shoot!

To be completely honest, I wasn't a huge fan of original 1970's fashion, however, a few of the latest free and muted color styles have managed to capture my heart.

September 2, 2016

Lilly Pulitzer Fall Collection Favorites 2016

If I'm being completely honest, in recent seasons, Lilly Pulitzer's collections have been, well, less than impressive. That's not to say that there weren't a few absolutely gorgeous pieces mixed pieces in there {Um, the Melody Crop Set in La Via Loca, anyone?!}. I was so pleasantly surprised when Lilly released their fall collection which featured richer, but still bright colors, and {thankfully} backed off of the neons. While some of the prints still just came off looking far too similar to previous prints from other seasons, there are still a few standouts from this new release.

August 29, 2016

Boston- A Travel Guide to the Popular, and the Hidden Secrets

Boston oh Boston. I don't think I could've chosen a better city in America to live in for five weeks. While Boston is home to some of the oldest and most meaningful monuments from Colonial America, I managed to find some newer areas that while may not have the same history, are definitely worth going to.

August 26, 2016

Classic Stripes Take a POP

Ever since I made this skirt, a little over a year ago, it's easily become my favorite piece in my entire closet.  After being frustrated for over a year as to what the perfect thing to pair with it was, I finally found the perfect shirt, at H&M of all places!

August 24, 2016

Twirling in Ted

  It may be cliché, but being a ballet dancer, I tend to gravitate towards things that resemble well, ballet costumes.  I stumbled upon this Ted Baker dress while wandering down Newbury Street and into Ted Baker while I was in Boston and absolutely could not resist.

Shoes: BCBG

August 22, 2016

Currently on Repeat- Week of August 22nd

I am such a music person.  I love music, it calms me down, it lifts me up, and there's basically music to fit every mood. I also love singing, but I feel like if you asked any of my friends or family members, they might have a different opinion on my singing. What these random facts about Eva are leading to is the announcement of a new weekly {or maybe every other weekly} feature on The Preppy Ballerina, where I bring to you all of my must-listen to songs of the week!


August 19, 2016

It's Casual Friday -Back to School Series 2016

We're back in {style} class once again for the final look of Back to School Style Week!  We're wrapping up the week with the most casual of this week's looks, as it is Casual Friday!  I don't know about all of you, but for me, just because it's Casual Friday doesn't mean you can't still look cute and classy.

TOP: H&M {Available in stores only} shop similar

 WHY IT WORKS: This shirts is soft and so so stretchy making it casual, but the classic boatneck and gold button detail gives it cute detail and makes it a little classier!

JEANS: Hollister Super Skinny Jean in Rinse

SHOES: Freed of London Jennifer Flat

WHY IT WORKS: Flats are much more comfortable and casual than wearing heels, but these flats are Blair Waldorf worthy with  the tan and black contrast and cute bow detail reminiscent of a pair of actual ballet shoes.

NECKLACE: Dry Goods {On sale in store} shop similar
WHY IT WORKS: This necklace is the perfect finishing touch on this outfit!  It adds interest to the plain stripes and a pop of color in the otherwise neutral outfit.  A little sparkle never hurt anybody.  ;)

What is your go-to Casual Friday outfit?  Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Love and Stay Preppy,

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August 17, 2016

A Casual Dressy School OOTD- Back to School Series 2016

The title of this post may deem this outfit "casual dressy," but trust me, this is the most comfortable outfit- ever. It's zero thinking required, so comfortable, and trust me, everyone will think you made an effort

We open on a girl in the softest knit shift in the world.

DRESS: French Connection Cotton T-Shirt Stripe Dress | BELT: Lilly Pulitzer Bow Belt (no longer available)
 WHY IT WORKS: This dress is great for so many reasons. While it has a simple t-shirt dress shift shape, instead of being made with a typical thin knit like a t-shirt, it's made with a heavier weight knit that although still incredible soft, stretchy, and comfortable, still makes the dress a little more formal. The black and white stripe makes it interesting, yet is still basic enough to have endless accessory opportunities. So yes, you'll look like you made somewhat of an effort without actually making an effort.

SHOES: Sperry Topsider Mesh Angelfish (no longer available) shop similar here
 WHY IT WORKS: Sperrys are so unbelievably comfortable and perfect for running around buildings or campus, but the classic boat shoe design makes them still really cute!  This pair is a white, light pink, and lavender tri-color, which is a perfect contrast to the plain black and white in the dress.

NECKLACE: Kate Spade Moon River Bow Pendant (no longer available) shop similar
WHY IT WORKS: Bows and pink are my thing, so it comes at absolutely no surprise as to why I bought this. The bow is a cute detail, and the light pink ties into the light pink from the Sperrys, which are pulled from the same color palette as the aqua belt. Although none of my accessories are the same color as my dress, because they all follow the same color scheme, they look coordinated instead of random.

This is definitely an outfit that's the perfect go-to everyday outfit!  There's so many places where this would work, and it's easy to dress it up by simply changing the shoes from Sperrys or flats to a nice pair of heels!

Come back Friday when I post the final {and most casual} look of Back to School Style Week!

Love and Stay Preppy,

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August 15, 2016

Dressy for School OOTD - Back to School Series 2016

Yup, it's that time of year again when everyone starts freaking out over what they're wearing for the first day of school.  Why, you ask?  The answer is simple: everyone wants to make the best second first impression after not seeing each other for three months. For me, it's not just the first day of school, but every single day after that.  That's why I'm bringing you three outfits this week that are easy to work into your school wardrobe at any given time!

Of course, to kick off the week I have to start out with the "dressiest" of the three looks, as a figurative first day of school (or back to school week).

DRESS: Available here in navy. Raspberry no longer available online but in some stores.

WHY IT WORKS: The heavy lace gives it a casual vibe due to the simple design and cotton weight, but keeps it dressy.  As an added bonus, the jewel-toned raspberry is the perfect fall color!

SHOES: Jack Rogers Regina Flat in Platinum

WHY IT WORKS: I'm not going to lie, I love pairing this dress with my favorite pair of black stilettos, BUT it also looks fantastic with these flats!  The flats are obviously way more appropriate for climbing stairs and getting from class to class, but the bow detail and metallic gold make them better than your average plain flat.

 Yup, all my jewelry is Rose Gold.  I'm a firm believer that if you're wearing a metal, all your accessories must be that metal.  I broke that ever-important rule for the flats, and I continue to break it for my favorite pair of silver diamond earrings.

EARRINGS: Ted Baker Stormm Crystal Chain Drop Earrings (or check your local Nordstrom Rack ;))
 WHY IT WORKS: Sometimes it's just fun to wear fancy jewelry in a casual setting.  Try it sometime.

NECKLACE: Marley Lilly Monogrammed Simply Sweet Pearl Necklace

WHY IT WORKS: This necklace is deceptively small, making it the perfect necklace to wear as an everyday piece, and also a necklace that's easy to pair with everything!

This outfit is not only a little dressy and cute for school, but it's also simple to put together and add your own twist to!  Toss in a statement necklace, belt, or cute pair of wedges, and wear the same dress again!

Love and Stay Preppy,

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August 8, 2016

Preppy Goes Back to School a Fourth Time - Lilly Pulitzer Binder Covers 2016!

Lovelies I have a confession: I'm entering senior year of high school and I still feel like at the beginning of last year I was a scared little freshman.  It's a weird feeling knowing that you used to look up to the grown-up high school kids who seemed to have such fun lives, when in reality now you're them and I personally couldn't be more confused about nearly everything in my life right now.

That being said, here starts the Preppy Ballerina Back to School series!  I'm here for all your back to school needs from DIYs to outfit ideas to "What's in My Backpack?" to binder covers {obviously}.

I release my binder covers every year for you loves free as a thank you for being such amazing readers!  All I ask is that you make sure to give me credit when pinning, or sharing on social media.  The last two year I saw a lot of pins and Instagram posts that weren't and it was a little frustrating, just because it takes me several hours to find prints in the right dimensions, edit, save, and upload all of these.

This year I'm releasing the binder covers early, in my opinion. If it were up to me, September 1st would be the earliest date for any and all posts relating to back to school and anything fall related. Yeah yeah, I know, fall wardrobe shopping and back to school planning needs to start before fall and before fall actually begins {Also, to those of you who start school in the beginning of August, I am so so sorry.  If I were you I would have probably switched schools}.

Moving past my little ramblings and midnight musings, here is the new set of binder covers!  I did kind of a blend of older and newer prints with one Kate Spade mixed in there (I know, not Lilly, shocking!). I'm thinking about releasing a second set at either the end of August or halfway through the school year, so if you have any print requests, leave them in the comments below and I'll try to accommodate as many as possible!  I'm limited by print pixel dimensions, but I'll try my best.  You can stay up to date with all that by following me here on Blogger, on Instagram, orrrrrr on Snapchat (I'm now on Snapchat guys!  My username is PreppyBallerina)!

If you'd like to see the binder covers from the last three years, click here for 2013, right here for 2014, and all the way over here for 2015! I promise the quality gets better as the years progress.  I learned.

If you don't already know how to customize these binder covers, my tutorial is right here!

Otherwise, enjoy this year's collection!

August 6, 2016

E Spotted on the Steps of the Met: XOXO, The Preppy Ballerina

  If you haven't already guessed by the title, I'm slightly in love with Gossip Girl. Okay, I'm actually very in love with Gossip Girl to the point where I ask myself why I'm not yet Blair Waldorf.

  Despite my obsession with the series, I hadn't actually ever been to New York before!  As fate came to have it, I ended up finding myself in New York just a couple weeks ago for just 24 hours.  Although my trip may have been short, I of course had to fit in a few of my must-see places!

The Steps of the Met
  This was #1 on my list.  Not "Go to the Met," specifically "Sit on the steps of the Met."

Sprinkles Cupcakes
  No, this isn't specific to New York.  No, this wasn't started in New York.  Yes, this is my ultimate favorite cupcakery and yes, this also happens to be one of the few that won't ship cupcakes so yes, I naturally had to go.

Lilly Pulitzer Madison Ave
  Being an avid Lilly Lover myself and having seen some of my fellow Lilly Lovers take photos on the iconic print staircase, I had to go!  We don't have any corporate Lilly stores in Minnesota, so I always make sure to go to them in other states!  This was my fourth, following Tampa, Miami, and Tyson's Corner!

Vineyard Vines 3rd Ave
  The big logo mural painted on the side of this store was of course something I had to go see. We also don't have Vineyard Vines in Minnesota (at least not for a few more months) so this definitely made the list!  While the outside and inside of the store was adorable, I have to say that I was thoroughly disappointed with the stock. It seemed as if they were out of all XXS, XS, 00 apparel which was kind of frustrating!

The Flatiron Building
  This building has intrigued me ever since before I new what it was called or the stories involving it.  I would have loved to stay there longer, but unfortunately it started pouring!  If you're ever in the area, I'd highly recommend Obicà Mozzarella Bar for dinner!

 Thus concludes the highlights from my first trip to New York!  I just got back from a second trip a few days ago, so look for New York Part Two sometime next week!

Love and Stay Preppy,

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July 9, 2016

Playing a Game of Catch-Up

Hello my lovelies!  It's been a while, n'est pas?

  Things in my life over the past few months happened very crazily and very hectically.

It's been an extremely difficult year, to say the least.

  That being said, I'm incredibly excited for you all to see the upcoming blog posts I have planned (New Lilly binder covers, anyone?)!

Love, and Stay Preppy,

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May 3, 2016

The Met Gala 2016- Best of the Best Dressed

The Met Gala (aka Fashion Prom) is arguably one of the most trendsetting and high fashion nights of the entire year.  This year, especially with the theme being Manus vs. Machina, was no different.  While there were a considerable amount of decidedly fashion flops, these are my picks for the best dressed on the red carpet of fashion's biggest night.

1. Claire Danes in Zac Posen
      Okay, this look gets all the innovation awards.  While many designers blended harsh and soft elements with their Manus vs. Machina looks, no one accomplished this theme better than Mr. Zac Posen himself.  While at first glance, Dane's dress is classically Zac Posen, with simple yet stunning pleating and gorgeous draping, the dress was made with fiber optic technology that allows it to illuminate in the dark.  Cinderella moment times 1000 over here.

Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Zac Posen via Instagram

2. Allison Williams in Peter Pilotto
      This is without a doubt my favorite look of the night.  I love how the bottom of the bodice is parallel to the asymmetrical neckline and the almost-but-not-quite crop top look of the gown.  The embellished floral detail is absolutely stunning as well!

Photo: NY Times
3. Emma Roberts in Tory Burch
      As soon as I saw this dress I fell in absolute love with it.  From the rich purple to shell pink ombré to the millions of laser cut Swarovski crystals that adorn it, this dress is nothing short of stunning.

3. Kate Hudson in Versace
      The metal plates that make up this dress perfectly fit into the theme of this year's Met Gala, while still retaining a classic vibe with the mermaid shape.  An unexpectedly gorgeous combination that Kate pull off with grace.

Photo: Film Magic

4. Gigi Hadid in Tommy Hilfiger
      While yes, a center chiffon pull has been a bodice element that's been around for a while, Hilfiger manages to differentiate this gunmetal gown by extending it up past the necklace and finishing it off with a stunning high collar.  While I adore this look on Gigi, I just can't get behind Zayn's transformer-like sleeve. While I admire what the sleeve is trying to accomplish, next time, a coordinating tie will suffice instead.

Photo: FilmMagic
 5. Hannah Davis in Zuhair Murad
       Zuhair Murad has done it again. Murad, known for his intricate floral detailing with daring twists on classic styles stuck to his signature look with this light silver gown, but still manages to accomplish the Manus vs. Machina theme with contrast between the soft floral detail and the harsher metal accents.

 6. Rachel McAdams in Valentino
       Rachel McAdams may be in classic Valentino whimsy, but the juxtaposition of the mesh with the sparkly script version of Dante's Divine Comedy creates a unique look for Manus vs. Machina.

Photo: Getty Images

7. Hailee Steinfeld in H&M
      This emerald H&M gown plays with the similar "crop but not quite cropped" look that Allison Williams donned in her asymmetrical Pilotto gown.  There are few things not to love with this gown. The side cutouts and front slit give the dress a classic edge, however similar to Kate Hudson's Versace gown, it retains a classic and elegant look.

Photo: Getty Images
These looks absolutely stunned on the red carpet, and I can't wait to see what the Met Gala brings out next year!

Love and Stay Preppy,

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