January 18, 2016

A Sparkly Winter Kind of OOTD

  I posted this OOTD flat lay on Instagram a few days a go and figured I would take a minute just to give you guys the details and update you on what's up and coming on TPB!

Top: J.Crew Tilda Oxford (no longer available) | Sweater: AE Cable Knit Sweater (shop similar) | Jeans: Hollister Ryan Super Skinny

  Unfortunately both the J.Crew oxford and the American Eagle sweater are no longer available, but that actually brings me to my next item of business!

Here's what you may or may not be seeing from The Preppy Ballerina very very soon ;) :
-A J.Crew Tilda Oxford DIY!

-My New Year and Birthday Resolutions

-One ever-so-important travel guide for visiting Georgetown Cupcake!

-An UPDATED Yumiko Review

-AND a Christmas/Birthday/Washington D.C./Online Shopping haul that includes a surprise FIRST for TPB!

  Excited yet?  Yeah, me too!

Love and Stay Preppy,

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January 5, 2016

The Preppy Ballerina Turns 3!!

  Hi Prepperinas! {Check that throwback ;)} Today is January 5th, which is not only my birthday, but also The Preppy Ballerina's third blogiversary!

  Little may you know, but I actually started The Preppy Ballerina on my birthday all the way back in 8th grade, after multiple failed website attempts, and after avoiding using Blogger for several months, after trying it for 20 minutes and deciding it was "too difficult" and "too complicated to try to learn HTML." I'm not kidding, starting this blog was a spur of the moment last minute final attempt to start a successful website. So after returning home from a shopping trip with a friend, I posted my introduction post, and my first haul, not knowing where this blog would take me.

  Yes, for the first year and a half or so this blog was so so rough, like using stock images and not even my own photos rough. But eventually I learned how to take my own photos, how to code, and how to create my own DIYs, and The Preppy Ballerina became what it is now.

  I will forever be grateful for the opportunities this blog has brought me, from sponsorship opportunities to new friends, and I can't wait to see what's in store for this next year.  I would've never dreamed that any of this would happen, or that my blog would eventually be getting over 50,000 views.

  In honor of my third blogiversary, I'm giving you my favorite blog posts over the years, I hope you've enjoyed reading them as much as I've loved writing them!

  Start here and get to know me with Once I Tell You Everything!

  Make your binders that much cuter with my signature Lilly Pulitzer binder covers with parts one, two, three, and the tutorial for how to monogram them!

  While we're thinking about Lilly, make the cutest room decoration with my DIY Glitter Lilly Letter tutorial!

  On the subject of DIY, my Sharpie Jewelry Dish DIY is not only perfect for your room, but also make the perfect quick, easy, and inexpensive gift for any and all of your friends and family!

  Snuggle up in bed this winter to my two favorite pillow tutorials: the felt bow and the minky!

  Then read about all of my favorite places in the 305 for your next vacation!

  Finally, keep and save inspiration with my Little Gold Book tutorial!

  A huge thank you to everyone who's been reading my blog, whether you've been following since day one, or just found me!  I can't wait keep posting new and interesting content for you all during the year!

Love and Stay Preppy,

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January 2, 2016

OOTD + December Cherry Blossoms?!

  Happy new year to all!  This new year I'm kicking off in Washington D.C.!  While here, I've been doing some {a lot} of shopping, however it wasn't until yesterday that I started visiting some of the museums, and let's say we were in for a bit of a surprise.

  Amongst many other things, one of the things D.C. is know for is its abundance of beautiful cherry blossom trees that bloom in the spring.  This year, December apparently is the new spring.  When we were driving around the National Mall looking for a place to park, we noticed several cherry blossom trees already starting to bloom! The slight irony is that aunt and her family came to D.C. last spring specifically to see the cherry blossoms, however due to the cold weather, only one or two trees were blooming!  Nonetheless, I, of course, had to shoot my OOTD in front of the gorgeous trees.

Jacket- No longer available, shop similar | Top- No longer available, shop similar | Jeans | Shoes

Rose Bangle | Monopoly Dog Bangle- Silver, Gold | Bag

Necklace- Color no longer available, shop similar

Love and Stay Preppy,

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