February 20, 2017

NYFW Vlog February 2017--Travel With Me!

You asked, so I'm answering. As requested, I've *attempted* vlogging and *attempted* capturing the unforgettable week I had in New York!

  I wish I could've shared more, but I got caught up in happy reunions with long-distance friends, meeting and making new friends, and running from meeting to meeting.

  Now I know for next time. ;)

  Out of all the designers I saw, Dan Liu was my unexpected favorite, his collection was definitely something I could've seen Blair Waldorf wearing, so unsurprisingly, I wanted almost every piece.

  One of my longtime favorites, Leanne Marshall, did not disappoint. Her collection, albeit darker than usual, was still filled with gorgeous detail and lots of sparkle.

  To see my full trip and all my hilariously hectic adventure, watch below!

Love and Stay Preppy,
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February 17, 2017

Tips and Tricks for Travelling Miami's Wynwood Walls- Wynwood Walls Travel Guide

Ever since I first wen to Miami in 2015, I've been obsessed with Wynwood Walls. The neighborhood of bright colors and interesting, larger than life street mural installations never failed to surprise and delight.

  From the time of my first visit, Wynwood has only increased in popularity, becoming a hot spot for tourists, bloggers, and photographers alike.

Although the walls are constantly changing, I've picked up a few tips and picked out some of my favorite walls for all of you looking to travel to the area!

February 14, 2017

New York Fashion Week {NYFW} Fall/Winter 2017 Street Style Day 1

It's been said once, it's been said a million times by every blogger that has the opportunity to attend NYFW. I haven't been able to say it, until now: getting invited to NYFW was a dream come true.

  When I first started blogging four years ago, I had no idea that bloggers could make any money off of blogging, or that I could have the opportunity to work with companies or photographers, or what SEO optimization and engagement even was, I certainly didn't consider getting invited to events like NYFW were even in the realm of possibility. I was just a girl who genuinely just wanted to talk fashion, and I figured that whoever would read it would read it.

  I thought that 1,000 page views would be a lot in four years, I didn't think it was possible for that to happen in an hour.

  Yet, here I am, and naturally all of the above things were really exciting moment for me, until I received my first NYFW invitation and I really kind of freaked out.

  I'm an aspiring designer, getting invited to NYFW was a childhood dream.

  This isn't why you're reading this post. I'll move on to the actual subject now, promise.