March 21, 2017

Dreaming of Summer in Lilly Pulitzer {Replicating the Lilly Pulitzer Parfait Set}

  It's currently 28 degrees Fahrenheit in Minnesota. Yes, really. Yet, here I am trying to wear a two piece set. Typical.

  Despite my refusal to actually "dress for the weather" for once, as soon as I made this set I was in love with it, and knew that I just had to wear it.

 {Side note: I really need to start picking days with better forecasts to shoot. My hair was in perfect loose curls in the morning, really.}

  Here's what happened:

  About a year ago, Lilly Pulitzer released their Spring/Summer '16 collection, and one of my favorite prints in the last few years, La Via Loca. The only set they released it in was the Melody Set, which I liked, but I wasn't convinced that the top was really going to be that flattering on me.

On the other hand, that same season they released the Parfait Set, of which the style I loved, but the only print they released it in, Pout Pink Flamenco, I wasn't completely sold on.

  So, determined to create my perfect set, I bought two yards  of La Via Loca fabric, drafted a pattern, and got it done.

  The skirt is a simple box pleated skater skirt {I took out the center pleat because I'm just not a fan of center pleats}, and the top is a cropped fitted princess seam bodice. The entirety of the project probably took me 3-4 hours, including drafting the custom fitted bodice, which is exactly why I now want to make one of these sets in every print.

Love and Stay Preppy,

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