July 17, 2017

Travel Hacks: Why Jewelry Rolls Are a Travel Must with Shorebags

  Too many times when traveling I've opened up my bag to find one of the most tedious problems possible: my necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc. playing some sort of version of Twister meets Tetris meets a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle.

  I've tried several solutions: keeping jewelry in it's separate dust bags, wrapping or folding it different ways, and even tying it up with ribbon, to name a few. Somehow none of my DIY solutions managed to hold up to luggage being tossed around in airplanes or in car trunks. Even though I knew jewelry rolls existed, I was never quite a believer that I'd be able to fit all my jewelry in one or that it wouldn't take too much space in my suitcase.

  I was so wrong. This jewelry roll from Shorebags lays completely flat and has so much space for all my jewelry: two zippered pockets, several separated spots for necklaces, and a detachable bar for rings.

  The best part? It's so cute {and monogrammable in several different styles and colors}! While the outside is toned down in a natural linen-like canvas, this inside in an absolutely adorable blue and white gingham which is a fun and classic touch.

Jewelry Roll

  While the detachable bar is technically meant for rings, I actually also use it as a holder for my most reached-for earrings, so I don't have to search around in one of the pockets for them when traveling. It makes throwing together a polished outfit that much easier when on the go!

  I do really like this jewelry roll because of the details, you all know how much I love a gold zipper, and the pop of color in the lining and three-letter monogram {a must for any classic/preppy girl and to make sure your items aren't mixed up with someone else with the same first initial} really makes this such a cute addition to your travel accessories!

  If you'd like to purchase the jewelry roll I have, just click this link right here!


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  1. I love that jewelry roll Eva! And the monogram and gingham pattern makes it even cuter!

    xo, Nika


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