November 17, 2017

Easy Gift Ideas for Your Sister

Of all the people to shop for, sisters can be the most fun...or the most stressful.

On one hand, sisters know each other best, making it easy to know their sense of style and what they like. On the other hand, sisters can also be one of the gifts on your list that you really don't want to mess up because you know them so well.

Regardless, I've compiled a list of five things that would make wonderful gifts for a sister as they're all gifts that are easy to tailor to their style. Take the idea of the gift, and go out to find something that really looks like them!

1. Wallet // 2. Cardigan // 3. Handbag // 4. Jewelry Tray // 5. Necklace
{left to right from top to bottom}
      As you might already know from my Kate Spade Stacy wallet review, I LOVE this wallet. It's the perfect size and so helpful when it come's to grabbing something and throwing it in your bag. I waited way too long to get a nice, useful wallet, and since I didn't want my sister to make the same mistake I did, I took the liberty of getting one for her as a birthday gift last year in one of her favorite colors, which she uses almost every day to this date!

      An open cardigan is like a robe, but better. Why, you ask? The open cardigan is something your sister {or yourself} can wear as a warm layer over pajamas, or as a socially acceptable blanket with jeans on those days that wearing clothes that aren't pajamas just seem like a "no."

      Get her something she can pair with any outfit with a classic handbag. Tan, brown, black, cream, navy, blush, gold, any color that she can pair with anything in her closet is the perfect choice, making it a gift she can use for years afterwards.

      Jewelry trays are something so useful {especially for those small jewelry pieces like stud earrings, dainty necklaces, and rings, that we like to wear everyday}, that are often overlooked when home decor planning. Jewelry trays come in endless amounts of colors, shapes, and patterns, making it easy to find one that your sister will love!

    This necklace is such a simple piece of jewelry that pairs well with any outfit and adds a a touch of sparkle and elegance to even the most casual outfit. Kendra makes this necklace in a ton of different stones and metals, as a matter of fact, they even have a necklace builder that allows you to fully customize the metal and stone options, making it easy to get your sister a "custom" piece of jewelry!

Below I've also linked a few additional gift options!


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